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November 19th, 2021

"A story can effect change, influence opinion, and create awareness—and maps are an integral part of storytelling. ArcGIS StoryMaps can give your narrative a stronger sense of place, illustrate spatial relationships, and add visual appeal and credibility to your ideas. Use our simple map maker to create custom maps to enhance your digital storytelling."

Get your students Story Mapping with the lesson below:

StoryMap Tutorial 2021.png

Lessons written by the Florida Geographic Alliance.

What is a Story Map?


It's the last day of #FLGeoWeek! To finish off a week of diligent marine debris analysis, today we put all of our data together into a presentation using ArcGIS Story Maps.


Now it's time to put everything we've learned this week together. Using the model for studying place, GIS technology, and Story Maps, challenge your students to put together a special presentation about marine debris in their Florida community.


As the nation's sunshine state, all of our cities, towns and counties are impacted by the health of our surrounding oceans - not to mention the freshwater sources which sustain us and the rich ecology of swamps and marshes within our shores.

Have your students consider the following questions:


  • How important are these bodies of water to our lives?

  • What data have you collected about marine debris near your home or school?

  • What are the patterns in that data?

  • What story does it tell?

  • And most importantly, how can you and your peers get involved, and make a difference?

As we look to the future of citizen science and the challenges posed by marine debris, students can make their way into the world of conservation equipped with all the tools covered this week. We hope your young explorers have learned a lot, and feel ready to take the world by storm.


Thank you for celebrating with us - make sure to tune in next year for more fun lessons and activities.

And as always, Happy Exploring!



Story Maps are useful tools for presenting data analysis in an easy-to-understand format. In a Story Map, one can gather together interactive maps, photos, audio and text to tell a truly spectacular story and share it with peers. 

On the projector pull up the Story Maps "The Albatross and Us" and "Marine Debris Clean Up in Samish Traditional Territory".


Walk through these Story Map and discuss the importance of tying data to real-life stories and experiences. Then discuss what difference each student can make in the effort to record debris data and keep our oceans clean.

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