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November 17th, 2023

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Today’s video is about The Types of Bees! Learn about worker bees, drone bees and the QUEEN BEE in this fun, short video!

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Bee Play Time!

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Use your Bee Characters and perform the play! Copies of the files are posted below in case you need them. Anyone not in the play can answer the questions while they watch!

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To Bee or Not to Bee


Image 11-11-23 at 4.03 PM.jpg

Play Questions

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Play Cutouts

To Bee or Not to Bee?


Today is BEE PLAY DAY! Start your day with our Bee Video Bell Ringer, then it’s time to BEE A PERFORMER! 

Writing Assignments:

We have created two writing assignments to help students BEE CREATIVE in how they think about bees. 

The first assignment is a creative writing prompt: What if there were no bees? We have provided an example response, and encourage students to review all the information they have learned this week about the role of bees in the ecosystem. Would we still have fruits and vegetables? Would certain animals be extinct? Would we need to find ways of artificial pollination, like with robot bees? Write your predictions, then share with the class!

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The second writing assignment is an article review: Are bees important? Split the class into groups, and have them review one of the five articles we’ve provided about bees! The follow the directions for the writing assignment.

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Honey Recipes:

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To fully embrace bee culture, we shall eat HONEY! Follow these honey recipes for a sweet treat even BEES can approve of!

Image 11-15-23 at 2.20 PM.jpg
Image 11-15-23 at 2.34 PM.jpg
Image 11-15-23 at 2.41 PM.jpg
Image 11-15-23 at 2.50 PM.jpg

You made it! You are now a BEE EXPERT!

Congratulations on completing the Florida Geography Awareness Week curriculum! That makes you a BEE WARRIOR! To celebrate completion, we have provided a printable certificate! 

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Thank you for participating in Florida Geography Awareness Week! 

We hope you have had as much fun with these lessons as we did making them! Return next November for the 2024 GAW Curriculum. 


Also, we regularly provide resources to help teachers build and enhance their skills, knowledge and geography curriculum. Sign up for our weekly newsletter from our website, or follow us on social media to stay apprised of recent news and events in the geography field! 

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If you didn't get a chance to participate this week, don't BEE SAD! The information will stay available on our website for future use!


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November 17th, 2023

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