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November 20th, 2020

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11 Meaningful Writing Assignments

"With students currently at home because of the pandemic, it’s helpful to provide learning opportunities that get them talking about what’s happening in the world with trusted adults and peers[...] These ideas for home assignments build connection and help our young people process this difficult experience while developing their writing skills.

For the final day of Geography Awareness Week we celebrate the power of writing. Written words have chronicled and enriched our sense of place all throughout history. The practice of journaling, letter-writing, analysis and others make up some of our strongest connections to our ancestors and peers. Each assignment from this article offers students the opportunity to make their unique mark on history. 

Try these activities to finish #FLGeoWeek strong!


through writing


       To close this adventurous week, we invite all Florida students to conduct their own citizen interviews and submit them to Share a story you found interesting, along with any photos or recordings you've collected, and we will place them on an interactive virtual map telling the grand story of Florida's local communities.

Students may use any of the activities from this week as a jumping-off point to collect their materials. E-mail us directly to submit, or ​tag #FLGeoWeek on social media.

Thank you for participating in Florida Geography Awareness Week. 


As always, we wish you safe and happy exploring!



Prompt students to write a letter to a future historian. This is their opportunity to tell their own oral history. What do they want researchers of the future to know about life in their community in this current moment?

Ask them to consider what primary sources they would include in their account: newspaper articles, a diary page, or even artifacts. What supporting materials would best emphasize their experience of this time and place?


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