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Welcome to FLGEOWEEK 2018!

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Let's get Wild! At School

     This year, Florida Geography Awareness week is coming to you! Schools all around Florida are taking initiative to incorporate nature into their everyday activities. One school in particular has taken on a very special project:

Introducing the Outdoor Classroom!

This October signaled the start of a state-wide initiative to bring outdoor classrooms to schools all throughout Florida. Students and teachers in Tampa (pictured above) broke ground on the first step towards a thriving wildflower garden, as well as setting up bird feeders and baths throughout their local schoolyard. With a three-year plan officially underway, this school plans to present a wonderful example for how young explorers everywhere can learn and interact with their environment together.

As Florida Geography Awareness week continues, we will be posting various resources for how to get involved in creating your own Outdoor Classroom. From funding to bolstering your local flora & fauna, we'll document step by step how to make this wonderful opportunity happen for your school!

Keep updated by checking in for daily resources, and make sure to reach out to to get involved!


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