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November 13 - 17, 2023

Welcome to FlGeoWeek 2023!

Our theme this year is... BEES!

Get ready for a buzzing adventure! Our week is jam-packed with exciting bee-themed activities that unveil the incredible world of these tiny superheroes. Bees do more than make honey; they're vital players in agriculture, turning flowers into the delicious fruits and seeds we enjoy!


However, there's a challenge on the horizon: bees are in trouble! Deforestation and pesticides are making it harder for them to find the flowers they need for pollination. This struggle isn't just theirs; it affects our favorite fruits and veggies too.


To shine a light on this important issue and learn more about our tiny flying friends, we've crafted a curriculum that takes you on a journey through the BEE-utiful life of bees! Join us each day for an exciting mix of videos, hands-on activities, worksheets, and creative assignments. Let's have fun, create a buzz about bees! 


November 13th, 2023


November 14th, 2023


November 15th, 2023


November 16th, 2023


November 17th, 2023

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